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SMARTfiles is an award winning Enterprise Content Management solutions provider. Offering easy-to-use, ECM solutions, which equip your business with the best in class tools to capture, search, store, and manage information.

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What’s New?

Risk Management: Does your district have a plan?

There are a number of potentially crippling natural and man-made disasters that can threaten your ISD’s vital records: fire, flooding, tornados, etc. On Memorial Day of this year, Shoal Creek in Austin flooded; it shattered the federal 500-year flood plain mark. The flood happened quickly and without warning leaving the impacted area in disarray and businesses ruined.

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Automated Accounts Payable

There aren’t many subjects as boring as Accounts Payable (AP). After all it’s just dollars that your ISD owes vendors for goods or services. Pretty straight forward. No need for a large, in-depth treatise of the ins and outs of cash flow and operating capital. Just pay the bill

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Capturing Handwritten Forms

Electronic Content Management (ECM) systems are spectacular animals. They consume data, cut it up, label it, and store it so it can be retrieved and used later. When correctly implemented they can vastly transform the operations landscape of a school district from a chaotic and unorganized paper mess, to an optimized and efficient digital web.

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What our customers are saying…

“We received lots of help from SMARTfiles… Scanning in all the files was faster and easier than I expected, and the end results of using Laserfiche make it well worth the investment of both time and money.”

Nancy Boller

Technical Assistant, College Station Independent School District

“I’ve not had to convince anyone to use it (Laserfiche), if anything I cannot keep up with all of their requests to bring more documents into the system. We are excited it has taken off as quickly and easily as it has.”

Kristin Nace

Project Manager, Texas A&M Health Science Center

“It’s so easy to use that when I joined the department as the system administrator, I picked it up right away. I think it says a lot about our success… it is so easy and intuitive, because you can set it up however works best for you.”

Cindy Shaver

Accounting and Payroll Coordinator, Waco Independent School District