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Automate Accounts Payable and see results immediately with smartPAY from SMARTfiles

  • Capture and process invoices from email, pdf, and paper
  • No more lost invoices, duplicate payments, and tedious manual processes.
  • If you process 20 invoices a day you will save $40,000/annually
  • 90-95% reduction in paper
  • 25% increase in employee productivity
  • 70% decrease on invoice processing time


What’s New?

Records Retention

Record retention is a vital step in the document life cycle, and something that should seem pretty straight forward. In its simplest terms, record retention is your school district knowing how long to hold a specific record for x amount of time until destruction. The problem is that there are 168 different types and sub-types of records that apply to school districts in the state of Texas, each with their distinct retention period.

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Automate capture with e-Forms

We’ve talked to some extent of the value of moving your ISD’s student, financial, and HR records to a digital solution; going digital is one of the most positively impactful things you can do to save your district money and improve the overall operations of your school. That being said, we’ve also discussed the value of capture within an existing Electronic Content Management (ECM) system.

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What our customers are saying…

“We received lots of help from SMARTfiles… Scanning in all the files was faster and easier than I expected, and the end results of using Laserfiche make it well worth the investment of both time and money.”

Nancy Boller

Technical Assistant, College Station Independent School District

“I’ve not had to convince anyone to use it (Laserfiche), if anything I cannot keep up with all of their requests to bring more documents into the system. We are excited it has taken off as quickly and easily as it has.”

Kristin Nace

Project Manager, Texas A&M Health Science Center

“It’s so easy to use that when I joined the department as the system administrator, I picked it up right away. I think it says a lot about our success… it is so easy and intuitive, because you can set it up however works best for you.”

Cindy Shaver

Accounting and Payroll Coordinator, Waco Independent School District