Documents are the life blood of your organization.

It would be near impossible to run an effective business without them. So why trust vital documents to antiquated processes and paper? What would be the cost your organization would incur if it lost vital customer and employee records? Lawsuits, lost sales, and an array of regulatory issues are all very real possibilities your organization may face with the loss of documents and their associated information.

Your business deserves better.

Through the SMARTfiles proven approach, we’ve implemented world class Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management since 2001. Our clients have seen huge improvements in not only their processes, but to their bottom line. SMARTfiles client implementations have been recognized for excellence at both state and international levels, and have won the Laserfiche “Run Smarter” award for best business practices six times.

The SMARTapproach.

Our three tiered approach is simple, pragmatic, and effective…

Combining Product and Solution.

Offering easy-to-use, enterprise content management solutions, which equip your business with the best in class tools to capture, search, store, and manage information. Every solution is different, and tailored to meet the needs of the customers that need them. Our experienced professionals understand no two organizations are the same, and we ensure your solution is effective, sustainable, and cost-effective.


Proposing class leading products and solutions is a great start; however, proper implementation is key to the overall success of any solution. We offer the experience, know how, and customer centric focus to ensure your business solution is operational.


Continuing to design, implement, and support technology that compliments and enhances your company’s internal resources has been our commitment and focus since 2001. The world of enterprise content management solutions is constantly changing as is your business. Count on us to be ahead of the pack, and serve as your partner for long term success.

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